very chaotic screenshot of the main character of liblade slashing some enemies

finally got around to finishing liblade because of my steam deck. its a twin stick shooter melee action platformer, which is a description that only makes sense once you try it out.

i havent played many action games with a lot of input combos to memorize, but the difficulty and skills ramped up steadily enough that i wasnt too overwhelmed and actually felt like i had good strategy when taking down rooms of 100 guys. the bosses were also hard but with pretty manageable patterns, which lead to some really satisfying by-the-skin-of-my-teeth victories.

definitely going on my end of year list.

what's good dukers. 💥😎💥

it's been a hell of a month! first of all: the september update for the restoration project!

we got a shitload of screenshots and trailers! four trailers! one of which i helped with!

second, there's been some really great dev streams that we've been doing weekly, all of which are archived on the resto project's youtube!

i haven't been able to be in as much this month because of school kicking my ass (specifically math because tuesday is math day and that's when the streams happen 😭😭😭😭)

thirdly, i'm now officially a playtester for the resto project! i got my build yesterday and i've been hitting it with hammers along with others since then. can't wait for y'all to play this. it's so fucking good. it's so fucking duke in the way you want.

we've been publishing screenshots of other areas on twitter too! some really cool shit is planned! if you can't tell, i'm fuckin excited as shit y'all

and finally, if you look on the resto discord, we have open positions for:

  • 3d artists/modellers
  • level design
  • programmers
  • voice acting

come help us resurrect duke! i cannot say enough good things about this team, they are hyper chill and incredibly talented and take work/life balance incredibly seriously!

that's all for now


This is the map that comes with the original Super Famicom release of Dragon Quest VI, I’m fortunate enough to have a blank one (I mean there’s a lot of minty copies out there but also a lot where the map has been drawn on, because I mean, that’s what it’s for) but yeah the idea behind this was to help you chart out where you’ve been in the world since this was like the biggest fucking dragon quest game ever when it came out, I’m gonna scan it soon and upload it cus I think the internet archive box and manual scans for this game are missing the map.

Update: I just checked while writing this and yes the map is not included in the scans on IA