a business card design for myself
finally taking a break and...

I'm going to visit my parents tomorrow, take a bit no-computer time, maybe even touch a paper-book(!) (also reminds me that the verso books I ordered 6 weeks ago still aren't here 😔) and vibe with the cats. Thing is, I wanna brag with the gamescom business cards and leave some there but I'd have to explain why I don't put my legal name on there (but another "nickname" that suspiciously goes with my last name) and what "they/them" means and idk if I have the energy to spontanously come out to them1🥴

as for producitvity

I've been making an adaptable moving platform with unreal blueprints yesterday (no specific tutorial!) and I'm kinda proud of myself. Baby steps but I'm getting more and more comfy in an Engine that's not as old as me.

Lastly, the website (sneak peak the URL is on the business card) is coming along nicely, (not) far from done. Just needs some more images, SEO- and mobile/crossbrowser optimization.

1 I'm sure they'd be supportive tho