tomorrow afternoon, i get my new crowns installed. i don’t know why, but i feel like they are going to be poorly matched with my other teeth.

i got a call this morning that my teeth are not ready. install moved to wednesday. we appreciate your patience as we make it through this journey together. for more tips and tricks, like, subscribe and make sure you click the bell.

ok after i published the last update, the office called and said my teeth have arrived so they can see me at the very weirdly specific time of 4:20pm aka the weed number.

photo of me in my heavily decorated home office, throwing two devils horns up with my hands and showing my teeth. i'm wearing a linkin park shirt, which explains why i mention them in the post.

teeth have been installed. surprisingly, they made the length of the teeth a bit more uniform but otherwise they look pretty natural. it's just teeth, honestly.

my gums are so sore though and i definitely cried during the procedure, but i think part of that is just because i'm super overwhelmed and burnt out – okay now i'm oversharing, stream hybrid theory!!