#if not in the right headspace for... actual creative writing of any sort

a picture of litchfield villa in prospect park, brooklyn, new york. there are tons of wild flowers in front of the four-story mansion, and a grass field in front of the flowers.

often, when i walk places, i'm often transported emotionally to some memory of another place that physically felt that way, or had the same color scheme, or was just similar in some other manner. i'm certain this is normal; what's strange for me is that, at this point, just about every place i go does it. it's offputting, too, since i often no longer remember what's making me feel a certain way. it's like constant deja vu. today was one of those days. i couldn't grab onto much; just that, once, when the weather was just like this, when the sun was just above the rooftops, when there were people laughing and enjoying the weather, i felt content then as i do now. not in the same way, though. it's always a bit different.