I'm Arcana. I'm generally the "serious business" side of the snowbound... As much as ve're ever serious. I generally feel a little less attached to the rest of the system than they do to eachother. My interests are pixel art and coding. Game design... I don't really know that stuff. I just like pixels and making the code go brrr. Y'know?

(Also, it's currently 21:30 for us. Ve just tend to say "good morning" as our greeting when ve show up, because ve tend to refer to a member of the system not being around as "X is asleep right now." Therefore, arriving is waking up, thus, good morning.)

I have actual post access. So. Profile note: I code for work, I get varianced for fun. MTG/Randomizers/Coding/Speedrunning. Also, I enjoy waffles. Genderfluid, he/any. 両刀使い Pseudo-anonymous: name in the icon.

I have low-vision (20/40 corrected, 20/400 in my worst eye uncorrected) and non-binocular vision. I take 6 prescription pills at the moment to deal with numerous mental and physical conditions (GERD, Hypothyroidism, Clinical Depression, Generalized Anxiety diagnosed.) This is all to say: I am disabled in largely invisible ways, and have been 'officially' since I was 21, although the clinical depression was 100% there earlier (you write a few school assignments about suicide and death and they contact your parents, go figure.)

So The current things on my mental plate (8/3/2022) are:

I have a speedrun in RTA in Japan (a 4 way Legend of Mana race), which is a huge honor. It's on August 12th. https://oengus.io/en-US/marathon/rtaijs2022/

I ALSO have a very experimental run in ECC's Fuzzy Logic 2 on August 13, where someone and I are going to be putting on an improv play using video game randomizers as a backdrop: https://horaro.org/fl2/schedule

The FF4 Free Enterprise Randomizer is running its 'Fall' tournament starting on the 13th as well. The rando can be found at https://ff4fe.com , and the wiki can get you to the resources you need to understand that nonsense.

I'm in Kusogrande 7 (the 'bad video game tournament') which I did very badly in my first match for, and the tournament runs at https://twitch.tv/brossentia

And my SRC profile, of course, is at https://www.speedrun.com/user/mechalink , where you can see that.

Historically, in Magic, I went to almost every NA GP for 9 full years (Feb 2011-Feb 2020), getting 2 GP t8s, 3 PT quals with 2 PT day 2s, as well as other smattered accomplishments, and I spent a lot of time focusing on OP thoughts. I have a lot of trauma about my failure to network successfully during that time: while I learned a lot, I hurt myself a lot too. I am 'known' for my old Living End expertise, Affinity, Splinter Twin, and at times being a 'modern master'. I was also a significant agitator for OP improvements, and it is of high likelyhood that Bronze was at least partly influenced by my proposals sent to WotC on the subject, and some likelyhood (depending on how much Helene was joking when she made the tweet) that my work on PWPs influenced the drop in available byes from 3 to 2, while making those byes less punishing to get.

My recent coding has mostly been for work, although I have helped with a few things regarding FF4FE tracking and seed analysis, you can see most of the shards of that on https://github.com/michael-simon/

Ve all have accounts, although most haven't posted from them yet.

NameChumhandleClasspectSwayLand ofStrife Specibus
Moth@sunsetMoth [SM]Maid of BreathProspitWires and RustWlkngstkkind
Arcana@clockworkArcana [CA]Mage of SpaceProspit??? and FrogsScythekind
Red@redArmageddon [RA]Knight of TimeDerse?Pistolkind
Z@angelicAdmonitor [AA]Witch of MindDersePools and PyramidsRapierkind
Crystal@crystallineChaos [CC]Heir of HopeProspit?Bowkind

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