A colour self-portrait of the author. A DSLR camera covers her face and the photo is taken in a mirror. Her hair is black at the top and orange-red below her ears. Her tortoise-shell glasses are visible and she's wearing a cut-up blue Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard teeshirt. She also has on jewelry; a necklace with both a silver and black heart, as well as a silver bracelet with a ghost. In the background clothes, art, furniture, and knick-knacks are visible.

Hi! My name is EMiSpicer. I'm a 30-something good-for-nothing video game vagabond.

I've been publishing creative work under the name Ugly Machine since 2004. These days it's mostly photography! I usually describe it as a hobby that I take very seriously. I've been at it a long time now and while I've been lucky to develop a following for that work, I can't imagine a world where it will ever pay the bills on its own. That's mostly my own doing, as I'm not really interested in being a business person and I haven't done well at turning the work I like making into a career. I really love how I approach my work though, even if I don't always have as much time for it as I'd like.

Professionally, I work in the games industry! I'm currently the producer for an RPG called She Dreams Elsewhere. I've been a part of the industry for over ten years now, and while it hasn't necessarily been easy I'm proud of what I've accomplished. Some of my notable past projects include working on Disco Elysium, co-organizing a Steam event as a part of the Melbourne International Games Week, and having co-founded the Babycastles Gallery in Manhattan.

I hope that if you decide to follow along, you'll enjoy my posts!

Quick introduction:

I'm a trans woman, software engineer, and furry (specifically a corsac fox.) In my spare time I read science fiction, hack on small personal software projects, work on my project car, and playing with home automation, sensing, and the quantified self. I play video games and tabletop games, though not as much as I used to, something I keep meaning to change.

As of this writing I'm in my mid-30s, living in Massachusetts near Boston with my cat Wesley and my partner Torne who is also a furry and a software engineer. I grew up in rural Massachusetts, spent a brief time in southern New Hampshire, only to return to Massachusetts a little closer to the city.

My political beliefs and identity are somewhere in the general area of Promethean Leftist (along the lines of Leigh Phillips) and the Neoliberal Project, depending on what timescale we're discussing. I'm pro-nuclear-energy, pro-urbanism, pro-growth, and pro-UBI, and most importantly, pro-humanity.

If you follow me, you can mostly expect ramblings about politics, energy, software, cars, and/or the future of our species. I have been accused by a friend of having "the personality equivalent of Brutalist Architecture," which I took as a compliment even though at the time it was not meant as such. Take from that what you will. I might also occasionally post Safe-For-Work furry artwork I've commissioned of my character here, so if you want clean pictures of a nerdy foxgirl, that'll occasionally be there as well.

Oh, and you might sometimes see pictures of my cat being adorable.