It looks like I'm free from the shackles of which that is awaiting activation. Anyway, I'm finally here!

COM-Damien-smol (art by Miyuchii_chan on bird site)

I'll take this time to make an intro post. I'm EmeraldX, but you can call me Emmy. I'm a cat who is always in the realm of art and creativity making things that express myself. I mainly make music and have been making my own electronic compositions since 2018 (most of them suck, but that's a-ok!) On top of that, I have also been learning other cool things such as Blender/3D modelling, HTML/CSS, Linux, and more. This place seems pretty cool and I'm already learning a thing or two just by poking around.

Can't wait to make more detailed and fun posts that I can't do on places like bird site and clock app. Nice to meet you all!

If you would like to check out my music and other socials, do so here:

Maybe this page is where I break things down a little more, or at least post some of my process. A lot of that process is clicking the same button a few dozen times until I find a noise that makes me go mm. mm yes. this one

Anyway here's a new song. Isn't it great? It'll be available... at some point, once I've decided whether it's a single or part of something bigger. I had a very specific vision going in which I think I really nailed.

I often find that looking at my work this way can feel a little underwhelming, because it makes a lot of it just look like a slab of repetition. While that's technically what's happening, the ways in which various sounds and instruments interact - along with nuances of each effect process - add up to what I would like to consider much more than the sum of those parts. The final mixdown of this track is 3:07 and honestly to me it feels short, and that's when I know I haven't overdone it on the looping instruments. I get very tired of my own work sometimes, which is my signal to insert a change or a shift or something wild.

A few little production tricks here that are tried and true but always add a lovely bit of spice - that small turquoise rectangle in the centre bottom is a reversed piano note with effects added to make it a slightly glitchy/warbly riser into the drop. Extremely old technique, as effective as the day it was invented.

Using the term "drop" there also feels wrong - while I make my music (primarily) electronically, it's not often EDM or anything designed to get people up at the club¹. That said, it's a handy and easily-understood term for "the bit where it was quiet then it gets loud again because everything comes crashing back in like a soundproof dam has burst".

This is a lot of words to explain something that you can't hear yet. Hopefully it will pique your interest! As always, anything I release will be available on Bandcamp. I think once this is out I'll come back to this post and add more detail about these vagueries.

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youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT IS PEOPLE !!!!!!


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