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My name is Paresseux Garion [REDACTED]. I often go by Ress or Garion; either is fine by me. If you don't know me, I use it/its pronouns. If you do and are close to me, you can use my auxiliary. I will tell you them if you're close to me.

If you're from the ULTIMO fandom; Hi! What the fuck, why aren't we friends or at least acquaintances for you to find me here of all places? Please say hello!!

I made this to be horny on main. You will see dicks and cunts here and they may or may not align with the owner's pronouns. I do not give a fuck. Queer headcanons every where. Rejoice!

I am not 'proship' or 'antiship'. I want nothing to do with your drama, begone from my sight, foul beasts.

Important tags!

  • Ress Talks: Me babbling about whatever
  • Ress Writes: My prose/fanfiction
  • Ress Draws: My artwork
  • Thirst post: Horny shit
  • Kink Think: Horny shit that's particularly kinky
  • [insert theme] AU: Specific AU posts

Anything added to this list is a paid, contracted, published piece, linked directly to the site of the publisher. These are things I can't post directly, because contracts, but ALWAYS appreciate views, reviews, and the general warm-fuzzy thought of people discovering.

Will add and subtract as things come and go.

Short Fiction:

All World's Wayfarer: Keeping Toll

Allegory (paid pdf only): Dump Kid


Fireside Fiction (closing soon ☹️) : A Guide to Exploring Abandoned Gold Mines

Bright Suns, Traveler!

-- traditional Batuuan greeting

[ introduction ]

I'm CT-0451 and this is my Star Wars Blog. It is where I put thoughts about Star Wars, the media franchise. While I'm primarily going to be talking about the Canon materials (post-Disney reboot) I have been reading/watching/consuming Star Wars material since I was like 8 years old, so there's plenty of Legends ephemera still bouncing around in my brain.

Any posts about Star Wars content I will try and spoilertag appropriately, given a certain amount of leeway for older material.

I think Star Wars is great and I want more people to like it, especially the weird corners of it that don't get as much mainstream attention. Please read James Luceno's 2016 Rogue One tie-in novel CATALYST. Thank you.

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Star Wars Comics Reviews

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