Hi! We're the Harmony Friends, an adaptive plural system of a bunch of gay little PKMNs and adjacent critters. We live in an autistic CPTSD-survivor mind and a disabled transfem body. We're genderfluid lesbians doing our best to take care of ourselves one day at a time.

In addition to cohost, we also post on several Twitter accounts — our main group account managed by 🎀Melody is @​sylveon_and_co.

Individual bios after the break! We would love it if you read before you followed so you can get to know us.

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Hey! This platform looks pretty cool. I’m glad we can finally post on it!

I wonder if there are any other systems on here yet? And if there are, if any were around for crabber? Surely us decentralized web weirdo/plural weirdo intersection inhabiters all remember that place. We snatched some damn good usernames on there, though we’re against username hoarding on a moral level, rest assured. I would say “ah, the good old days” but besides the friends we made on there, it actually got quite bad towards the end. Lots of development issues and infighting. Projects like these with little development teams do make me kind of antsy, I admit, because issues with the few developers could pull the rug out from under the whole project. I have faith in this place, though. At the very least, it has a really nice aesthetic.

If this site doesn’t have an established pluralgang tag yet, it does now! That’s pretty cool, but if we’re not the first it’s even cooler.

Hi everyone! Also… what’s an eggbug?