This morning, I woke up at 5 AM, so I rolled out of bed and started implementing a new feature for my game Up There They Love, my adult game about powering your FTL engine with sexual energy from your crew members. Mind you, waking up so early wasn't necessarily by choice, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches.

Long story short: I wasted about an hour implementing a mechanic that doesn't work for my game.

The screen depicted in the first screenshot is one of the locations on the spaceship, where you can meet your crew members and have them perform tasks. There are five locations on the ship, and each crew member shuffles between them for every shift. Entering a location is how you can raise a crew member's Arousal and Passionate, Intimate, and Submissive levels, seen right. These stats are used in the Night shift, which is where you pick a crew member to date.

On the location screen, you perform tasks on the crew member by dragging one or more of your Action Dice (at the bottom) into the task slots on the left. The eyes of the die are deducted from the number and when it reaches 0, the task is performed. It's one of those mechanics that's hard to explain but (hopefully) easy to grasp when you play it yourself.

Anyway, the new feature I added this morning is the "Captain Stamina" bar in the top-left corner. A keen-eyed observer may have noted that Riya already has her own stamina indicator. That's because tasks used to take stamina from the crew member, but it felt kind of weird to my playtesters. Why do you need to spend Action Dice and Stamina on a task? Why are you spending her Stamina?

These are all valid concerns, so I was looking for a way to improve this mechanic. Enter the dating sim Kaiju Princess, which uses Action Points to limit your actions. You get 9 AP every morning, chatting with the titular Kaiju Princess costs 1 AP, going to work costs 3 AP, etc.

Interestingly enough, AP that you didn't spend during the day can be taken into the Sexy Times Phase. In that Phase, AP gets converted into the number of times you can squirt your load. It's in your interest as a player to always keep some AP in reserve if you also want to do the Sexy Times that day.

So that's where the Captain Stamina mechanic came from. Good designers get inspired, and bad designers steal, so let's give the player 9 AP, I mean "Captain Stamina". That probably won't work with the task costs, but I can rebalance that later.

Playtesting the new mechanic this morning, my conclusion it that It's Bad. In fact, it sucks. You can easily run out of stamina without spending all your Action Dice. Rebalancing the tasks won't help because that's still an edge case I have to deal with.

What I hadn't considered is that Action Points in Kaiju Princess serve a double role: they limit your actions, and they move the day/night cycle. This doesn't have a huge impact on the gameplay, but running out of AP is how you end the day. If you start Sexy Times with 9 AP, you will play with the Princess until you shoot your load 9 times, which automatically ends the day.

Up There They Love doesn't work like that, and it can't work like that.

The first problem I have is that the player needs to end each shift (Morning, Afternoon, and Evening) manually. Ending the shift shuffles the crew members between locations, giving the player new opportunities to perform tasks. Ending a shift by spending too much Captain Stamina would be heckin' confusing!

Secondly, I already have a stamina mechanic for the player. Running out of Action Dice means you can't perform any more tasks. Duh. What I do like about the mechanic from Kaiju Princess is that it carries the unused AP into the night phase.

Maybe I can also find a way to carry unused Action Dice into the Night phase. But this time, I'll actually prototype it first... 😓

Simple LiDAR made with Bevy Engine

This is a project I made a couple of weeks back. It's essentially just a very simplistic LiDAR that shoots a ray in a random direction in front of the camera and makes a point wherever it lands! The result is the ability to "see" in a pitch black environment. the more rays the player shoots, the cleaner the image. A person is able to move around and explore the world!

(There's no actual game, just a concept/prototype I fiddled with. Plus there are some performance hurdles that I don't have the mental capacity and brain juice to handle as of right now. Perhaps I'll look back and extend the project once I'm free on time.)

Made with Rust, using the Bevy Engine Do your best