Hi! We're the Harmony Friends, an adaptive plural system of a bunch of gay little PKMNs and adjacent critters. We live in an autistic CPTSD-survivor mind and a disabled transfem body. We're genderfluid lesbians doing our best to take care of ourselves one day at a time.

In addition to cohost, we also post on several Twitter accounts — our main group account managed by 🎀Melody is @​sylveon_and_co.

Individual bios after the break! We would love it if you read before you followed so you can get to know us.

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gasp. posting privileges!!

hello to all the good folks of cohost. i'm S, a sometimes artist and writer. here's a couple of digital pieces i've drawn. you can see a few more over on my instagram, @siglamancy, where i post when i'm feeling brave.

when i'm not doing my fake email music industry job from the woods, i'm doing ttrpg things, drinking beers by a lake while thinking about the decline of empires, tending to my handsome and menacing cat, learning how to garden, playing video games, and creating when i can. i'm queer while doing all of the above.

my active involvement in online communities probably peaked in 1999 with the Royal Empire of DarkSky on AOL and various roleplay networks i was too young to be in on mIRC, but now that i'm in my 30s, i've got nostalgia for making friends with weird and cool adults on the internet. a thing i haven't really done in 20 years. so let's be friends on this silly and cozy site. especially if you ran any of those PBeM BSSM RPGs i haunted in like 2002. you were the cool kids.

here's a relatable meme featuring one of my favorite paintings:

christina's world