A screenshot of a heavily modded sim standing in a carpeted room with a simlish forest fire poster taped to wooden walls. with a mirror behind and to the sim's left, and a lattice grid door with a forest visible outside. The sim himself is alpha, with white skin, a somewhat heart face shape, and a hat, trenchcoat, and outfit of a noir detective
The same sim, now wearing a black and white checkered button up, a black tie, and black dress pants. He has no hat, revealing a maxis match side part reminiscent of the 1940s and 50s

noir guy (Joe) made at a friend's request. interesting challange to make a sim with so many restrictions (male, decade, presumed occupation, AND vibes) but I think he turned out really well, certainly gave me a reason to scrape through the bottom of the cas cc barrel. Real easy to forget about most of the gems you download lmao.