#subway sunday

a picture of astoria-ditmars boulevard subway station. the new york connecting railroad's viaduct crosses over the station, casting the rail and the platform in shadow.
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Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard
Subway Station

the station

astoria-ditmars boulevard is the terminus of both the N and W lines, as well as the end of the BMT astoria line, which serves, you guessed it, astoria! the station itself is nothing particularly special- it's elevated, it looks pretty modern thanks to a 2018 remodeling, and it's still inaccessible despite being in the top 20% most used subway stations. you'd think that latter statistic would be surprising, given that it's the end of the line, but this is actually pretty common in queens! this station is responsible for serving a pretty wide area, and a lot of folks take buses to or from the station. (all the more reason it should be accessible.)

the surrounding area

this is where things get interesting! as you can clearly see in the picture, the new york connecting railroad runs above the station. this is not a subway line but instead a freight line, making this aboveground station the only one (to my knowledge!) with non-subway tracks running above it. the viaduct shown here connects directly to the hell's gate bridge, which runs over astoria park just to the west. amtrak trains, as well as the occasional cargo train, run across these tracks and curve around into brooklyn or queens. how fun! (i also took more pictures of the viaduct if you'd like to see them.)

personal thoughts

this is a very neat station! i actually hung around a bit on the platform just taking in the sights of the skyline. (they don't pick up well on camera, unfortunately.) it's a pretty station in a pretty neighborhood, so if you've got the time to travel up there, i'd highly recommend it!

(note: this'll be replaced later, but i plan on archiving all of these on my website for those who want to read them. i'm also going to go back and write a bit more about each station in this format, so that'll be Exclusive Content on my site! it's not ready yet, though, so. you'll have to wait.)