Started watching Our friends in the North. All the men have the amount of hair directly inverse to their current amount of hair. Eccleston and Craig have a fair bit of hair. David Bradley has quite short hair. Mark Strong has The Most hair.

(Also it feels very stagey and stiff, more like something made in the sixties or seventies, not the nineties. Noticeably less naturalistic than, say, Boys from the blackstuff or The Beiderbecke affair, both of which were the eighties. Maybe it's deliberately scripted and acted and shot like television from the period it's set in? I'll have to see whether the style changes in later episodes.)

I just read this article from Rolling Stone about Raphael Bob-Waksberg's favorite TV shows, and I've decided to steal his joke and make my own. It's just fun to approach TV criticism from a vibes-based perspective. I'm not going to spend too long on this, either.

  1. Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future
  2. MTV's Faking It (2014-2016), cancelled before its time, RIP
  3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  4. The Good Place
  5. Happy Endings
  6. Tuca and Bertie
  7. Severance
  8. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  9. Hacks
  10. Riverdale (a good television show)
  11. Parks and Recreation but you watch it before you become a leftist and mostly just remember good character-based jokes
  12. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  13. Great Men Academy
  14. What We Do In The Shadows
  15. Never Have I Ever
  16. Westworld (seasons 1 and 2)
  17. House of the Dragon. Hot D sweep
  18. Abbott Elementary
  19. Derry Girls
  20. Superstore
  21. The Rehearsal
  22. Breaking Bad assuming I like the ending when I eventually watch it. If not it goes under The Office and above Buffy
  23. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  24. One Day At A Time (2017-2020)
  25. How I Met Your Mother but only if you listen to me talk about its themes and its various failures and successes in meeting them for 45 minutes afterwards
  26. Jane The Virgin
  27. Netflix's The Baby-Sitter's Club watched through tears
  28. I know I forgot something I really love that should go here
  29. Russian Doll
  30. Watching The Office and thinking about how they had to construct a fake gas station for Jim and Pam's proposal in a Best Buy parking lot because it was cheaper than flying to the east coast
  31. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  32. Friends watched via pirating it on a Romanian website before it was on streaming
  33. Any competition-based reality show watched with friends who have suddenly become experts in whatever it is people are doing and are screaming for the contestants to PULL THAT REDUCTION OFF THE STOVE
  34. American Vandal
  35. Adventure Time but if you just watch the plot- and Bubbline-related episodes
  36. Any episode of Degrassi with someone who is more familiar with the show explaining the batshit plotline to you. Also the one scene where Claire is like, "the last time you had to edit a video, you ended up DOING DRUGS"
  37. Succession
  38. Sense8 for the psychic orgy scene alone
  39. Bob's Burgers
  40. Community
  41. Party Down
  42. Bojack Horseman
  43. Seinfeld
  44. New Girl
  45. Watching iCarly through Quinton Review's 3+ hour long videos
  46. My So-Called Life
  47. How I Met Your Father but only if you listen to me talk about how it relates to the themes of HIMYM and whether or not I think it will continue to be good in subsequent seasons for 45 minutes afterwards
  48. Arrested Development
  49. Better Off Ted
  50. Any television show as long as I was being shown it in some kind of classroom instead of working, except that one Ricky Gervais show that was about how a guy was allowed to be an asshole after his wife died or something. Worst shit I've ever seen in my life