#ttrpg design

Been watching some alchemy-related videos on youtube, and they gave me an idea for a dungeon! Let's say you have a dungeon right, in this case, the shack of a dead alchemist - it's 5 rooms. You go through, beat up some monsters, collect some treasure - but it's not actually 5 rooms.

In the fifth room is a hidden switch, this switch connects to the real dungeon - a massive prison that had been converted into a research center over a long period of time by the Alchemist. In fact, this had been the alchemist's great work, to build a huge research facility by his own hands, but it was left unfinished.

Might try my hands on mapping this idk.

When I did my first pass layout of Be With Me, with plans to print it as a saddle-stitched book, I realized I had three extra pages at the end (because saddle-stitched books need page counts in multiples of four) and what to do with them was instantly obvious to me.

Be With Me ends with closure about your time on the show, but also with a question that's left unanswered. But I knew that for some play-throughs a player would want a way to answer it.

So for those last three pages I designed and included a game that's your way to answer it.

Or even to answer an unanswered question from some other game you played that's ended.

It's called Miss Margerie.

Games end for so many life reasons. It was so obvious to me after I made it that people had probably always needed it or something like it to get closure on unanswered concerns in games that had ended for them, and I'm hoping other designers see it and make games that do it too. Definitely let me know if you do!

Back on the itch grind again and I've been trying to think about what size to make things. I struggle with feature and scale creep a ton to the point where it's really hard to scale things back. One thing I've been wanting to do is more narrative stuff and fewer mechanics, but I still want to make a game for Halloween. It's all kind of a mess tbh.

I'm currently working on a group of system agnostic cyberpunk NPCs based on tarot, that's been fun and nice and messy. Mostly, I just want to get into the swing of things again after... not making anything aside from the Troupe Update and the Seance Motel this year. Game Dev and creativity is a huge resource for me for managing my bipolar and my psychosis and I want to do more of that, both for fun and to manage my symptoms.

Idk, kind of just thinking.