#welcome post

picrew from @pepperjackets, shows a person with short brown hair and lightish skin, wearing blue glasses and overalls and a blue shirt, doing a thumbs up and smiling
gif of kirby surfing

hi, i'm em (or electric), she/they!
i gained chosting privileges at some point, so i'm going to try to do an intro post :D
excited to be here!! (picrew icon made here)

about me:

  • currently working in admin/tech support for a nonprofit!
  • i occasionally make little clip videos (here's my youtube, if you're interested)
  • historically not much of a poster? (perfectionism+fear of the possibility of too many people perceiving what i say 😅) but i'm going to see how it feels here! (chosting...)

other places you can find me (may delete this later out of fear lol):