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cohost is a new social media platform built from the ground up by a small team of developers and designers who like sharing things on the internet.

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no ads, no tracking. forever.

cohost will never sell your data, sell ads, or sell the company to anyone who might change these policies to make a quick buck.

algorithm? what algorithm?

all your follows’ posts, in the order they were posted, in a timeline that goes vertically. clear and effective moderation done by humans.

here’s our whole business model.

for now, you can give us a few bucks a month to help us keep the lights on. soon we’ll let you take tips and sell subscriptions to help you keep the lights on too.



I think bold text on cohost should always be in papyrus


I think bold text on cohost should always be in papyrus


our core ideas

nobody has gotten it quite right yet

we think existing platforms have some good ideas, but no one’s managed to create one without profound flaws. we’re borrowing liberally from other sites, but we want to build cohost into something that works well and serves its users rather than just another clone.

there is value in being in the same place as everyone

on a web without functioning search engines, blogs and friends-only sites may be okay for some, but they leave people who are scraping by on public visibility and word of mouth in the lurch.

…but nobody wants a digital panopticon

on modern social media, there is an ever-present fear that someone will see your post, have their own bad faith interpretation, and decide to ruin your day over it. platforms are often built to encourage this sort of behavior to drive up engagement, but they don’t have to be.

metrics are ruining our lives

modern social media is designed around a vicious feedback loop that keeps users Engaged at the expense of their mental health, all in order to make their executives more money.

the value of social media is its posts

we aren’t the ones providing the most important part of cohost — you are. cohost exists to give you ways to express yourself and stay in touch with your friends.

cohost isn’t finished yet.
we’re building around users, not profit.

coming soon to cohost

finding new things

discovering new posts is tricky without algorithms, but we’re committed to getting it right and trying new things until we get there. curation should be done by people, not computers.

selling your stuff

an on-site tip jar and subscription management with supporters-only posts, returning any surplus to you by lowering platform fees, instead of pocketing it.

getting your input

running cohost is our job and it shouldn’t have to be yours too — but we’re building out systems that let users provide meaningful input into how we should run it.

brought to you by anti software software club.

a software company that hates the software industry.

we are a group of three developers and designers—and maybe more soon!—with very strong opinions about how to operate a software company. we’ve all left jobs at conventional tech companies to build cohost and we’re thrilled we finally get to share it with the world. you can read more about us, including our manifesto, on our main website. ASSC is not-for-profit and 100% worker owned.

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