is there a word for websites that are like, extremely deep, chiefly-noncommercial-but-with-dono-links rabbit holes of a specific niche (but also can carry plenty of unrelated personal interests). usually run by a single person with a very charming about page and theyve been up since like 2002 but ARENT personal sites.

sites that feel like the polar opposite of this recent trend the past few years of finding dozens of trashy, cluttered, one-use SEO filler sites that dont even feel like they were made by a human

i bring this up because yesterday i found myself on again as i am perpetually interested in writing systems (i love you maya script & weird ass conlangs) and i was struck by how deep this website goes and how 'authentic' it feels

other examples:

search for any generators online and you always get some one-off shitty webpage covered in garbage. but fantaysnamegenerators? chefs kiss. perfection. top tier utility

springhole my beloved. a boon for writers everywhere. more generators, and endless writing about writing can be found here and i adore it. no listicle bullshit to be found

and of course my favorite bogged leech who i find myself coming back to so, so often. @blep can vouch i never shut the fuck up about bogleech. i love creatures

just radio reviews. radio reviews of everything every radio for like two decades. i love you so much

if you have more examples like this send them to me !! or if you know what the hell these are called !

in reply to @rosieposie's post:

I'm not sure if it counts, but is very clearly a one person passion project, cataloguing over 100k different dice he has collected, most if not all with meticulous photographs showing their size and all their sides.

The real meat of the site is in the searchable and filterable collection (, but there's plenty of other pages. As someone who is fascinated with dice, it has been a lovely find!