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is there a word for posting on here yet? what's the cohost version of tweeting? coposting? coasting? eggbugging? ie. can't wait to live eggbug/live cohost/live coast/live etc etc etc etc the next nintendo direct.. what's da 411

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some folks brought up that the original wording of clause 5(b) of our terms --

You agree to not [...] (b) register under the name of another person or under a fictional name or alias

-- smacked of a "real name policy."

we 100% agree with those folks, and that wasn't our intent; real name policies are terrible. we got the go-ahead from our lawyer to remove that clause, and have updated our terms of use accordingly; the remainder of the text is unchanged.

our apologies for the concern, and thank you for reading the terms with a keen eye and pushing us on this!