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Mutant, librarian, poet, burnt out activist, dog, Ashkenazi Jewish, mangy mutt. Neuroweird, bodyweird, mostly sleepy.

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On Yom Kippur, the gates of heaven leading from one year to the next slowly slowly close shut. and I am running after like someone about to miss their train, shoving their arm in the gate to trigger the automatic sensors that open the door again

You can @hthrflwrs and I's Ludum Dare 51 game HACK THE PLANET right now for free!

Get it (and rate it) on or the ludum dare website!

HACK THE PLANET is a roguelike set in a 90s retrofuture about hacking NETPOL, the cops who rule the internet, alongside your BBS of hacker friends. Bypass firewalls, vandalize nodes, and get into petty arguments with your friends as you hunt for the score of a lifetime: THE MOTHERLODE. Forum signatures very much included.

Jess Levine: Lead writer, programmer, game design
Heather Flowers: Lead programmer, writer, game design, art
Aaron aka grump_ai: Music, additional writing
@vin: Playtesting, additional writing
@mossball: Playtesting
@rhiannon: Playtesting
StrikeWhistler: Keyboard SFX