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in reply to @shel's post:

Couldn't agree more.

I got pretty disillusioned about Mastodon after times and times again of seeing my friends who contributed to it treated like crap by The One Guy In Charge and his dumb decisions. I'm throwing the whole thing with the bath water because I think there are still good things in it IMO.

But like you said, a lot of the FOSS/decentralized nature of Mastodon is a double-edged sword and I've grown to think people give those things way too much importance without thinking about why or how it's beneficial for the users, if at all.

After all this I consider Mastodon to be just Another Website instead of a possible replacement for Twitter because it clearly won't and I think going with the mindset that it has to replace/kill Twitter is an unhealthy mindset, especially given Twitter's financial backings lol.

Also the launch of cohost makes me realize I really need to diversify/clean up my Masto TL a bit because there's way too much meta stuff and it's tiring af. The level of snark/disdain is wild.

yeah like Mastodon is still certainly A Website lmao but it's ultimately just Another Twitter with Another Community and Different Features. It didn't.... solve... anything... in the end

Yeah. I guess at the very least it gave more people the opportunity to self-host their social media? Which, like, appeals to only a very small amount of people but It's Something 🤷‍♂️

I’ll be honest with you, I’d love to see the team put something together that can take a bite out of Patreon. I’d also love to see things grow somewhat, because it means opening up more you’re-never-gonna-do-a-highdive-into-a-silo-of-gold-coins comfortable humane fun meaningful jobs, and there aren’t enough tech companies modeling that way of engaging with work.

But if it stays small and sustainable and ticks along gently, providing a nice space for people to relax and have a chill time with one another? That’d be great, too.