the spiders


disabled, autistic, and occasionally creative. special interested in plants and earth sciences

runs @littlecore

avi: https://twitter.com/goblinkimg

like instead of having one skirt with this print and the other skirt with that print, you had one skirt, and easily applicable/removable decorative elements which evoked those prints

we don't know what this would look like exactly. maybe patches or something, but the upshot would be that you would not necessarily have to purchase/make an entirely new separate piece of clothing to achieve some thematic look

it's called "belief in the occult" and it fits on a 80 minute cd-r. just barely.

and i miiight have went kind of over the top, and:
- gave every track a alternate spooky/fall-themed title,
- and did original album art for the playlist,
- and heavily thought about the ordering of the tracks,
- splitting it up into four sections,
- each section headed by a lemon demon instrumental selected as interludes,
- and payed a lot of attention to transitions to make sure that they flow well and aren't too jarring

i made it partially to give me something fresh to listen to while drawing (normally i just put "view monster" on loop),
and partially to introduce my girlfriend to lemon demon

you can probably use the color printer at your local library for very cheap or sometimes even free

this is great for practical important grown up things i'm sure,
but also for making cool bootleg album covers for your burnt cd-r's to gift to your friends

(yes, i messed up the sizes because adobe reader added margins when i was trying to print it, and scaled everything down. and yes, the front looks hella muddy because i'm primarily a digital artist and don't work with print much. but that's not really the library's fault!)