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thank you for using cohost!

we decided, immediately after posting that, to reassess how we calculate conversion rate to be based on Active Users (which are actually using the site) instead of Activated Users (which are allowed to post). these numbers were previously about 1:1, but since it's been over a month since launch we're seeing more disparity there. we haven't figured out the correlation between "how many users are in the activation batch" and "how many users actually start posting" but we're gonna get there.

anyway 500 more of you can post now. welcome to cohost :eggbug:

huge week with a ton of small fixes and improvements. extremely exciting stuff.

first, on activations: we’re floating around the cap again so, while we’re still doing daily activation batches, they’re smaller than they were previously. we’ve got some work in progress that will (hopefully) give us another boost in cohost Plus! subscriptions so we can start activating more users again.

more exciting news: starting in september, @jessfromonline will be joining the team part-time for the next few months! she’ll be focusing on bug fixes (she’s got a few in this week’s patch notes already!) so that colin and jae can focus entirely on Features and other big chunks of work. we’re thrilled to have the extra set of hands moving forward.

now, patch notes!

  • changed where the post composer takes you after saving a post:
    • draft? takes you to the drafts page
    • everything else? takes you where you just were
  • added a preview of where a manual “read more” will sit in the post composer
  • changed the post editor and profile editor to warn you if you’re trying to leave without saving
  • changed the behavior of the dashboard to only refresh when you ask for new posts, instead of refreshing continuously
    • also fixed a bug that would alert you of Ghost Posts
  • added a setting to hide the number of unread notifications in the sidebar
    • you’ll just get a blank egg! further freedom from the tyranny of Numbers
    • also: this is jess’s first change to the site! wow!
  • changed the order of our <head> tags to hopefully prevent the Flash of Unstyled Content common referred to as “purple cohost”
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happy monday, coposters! after getting some feedback, we're considering making some minor changes to how CW and adult content posts operate.

we've gotten feedback that, especially for adult content, it's sort of impossible to guess what will be behind the clickthrough. our thoughts on this are to show the post title, tags, or both.

we wanted to solicit feedback from y'all about if this seems like a good solution or if there's other suggestions how to handle this. you can reply in the comments or, if you don't wanna say anything publicly, email us at [email protected] with the subject "CW Feedback".

that's all for now! thanks for using cohost :host-love:

we've received a lot of feedback that the timeline moving around when people are posting is annoying, and when we added embeds (and made it more likely that you'd be attempting to look at one post for an extended period of time) it got pretty untenable. now the timeline doesn't refresh until you click the new posts button at the top of your feed, so you can stop and smell the posts.

thanks for using cohost :eggbug: