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another another short patch notes this week (hopefully the last short one for a while!) monday was labor day, and jae has been on vacation the past couple days. for the rest of the week they’ll be working with @jessfromonline to bring her up to speed.

  • fixed a memory leak that was contributing to the log-out problems last week.
  • fixed the issue with caching that was causing tags to incorrectly not be displayed on new posts with more than one tag.
    • we’re still writing code to automatically fix posts which were uploaded while this was broken, as well as to monitor the status of this cached data to detect and alert us to future bugs with the same underlying cause.
    • if you have a post affected by this, you can also fix it manually with a two-step process:
      • edit the post and save it without re-adding any tags;
      • then, edit it again to add the missing tags and save.
  • completely rewrote the post box rendering code. in addition to setting us up for future improvements down the line, this fixed a bug and allowed us to implement a new feature immediately:
    • new feature: you can now collapse long threads of shares to display just the original post and the most recent two. by default, posts stay expanded with the option to collapse, but you can turn on collapse-by-default in your user settings.
    • bugfix: the layout issue with shares with attached pictures, where the header would butt up against the attached picture without any spacing, has now been fixed.
    • there were a couple problems arising from the rewrite that briefly resulted in shares not having the “shared from” header displayed on them, and shares of a tagged post letting the tags of the original post show through; those bugs have also now been fixed.

outage report: general site-wide weirdness (9/3, 11:00-15:15 UTC)

on Saturday morning, there was some planned maintenance at one of the companies we depend on to provide us the ability to turn on and off site features without a code change. unfortunately, we were caught unaware by this. the headline of the maintenance notice listed a bunch of affected site features, but didn’t list the specific feature we depend upon; however, the fine print said that there would be a “complete disruption of service”.

as a result, cohost acted as if all of the feature flags were globally disabled for a few hours on Saturday morning local time, causing a variety of strange symptoms like not being able to sign up for an account, not being able to view the single-post view, etc. this issue resolved itself when their maintenance window ended, and we’re looking into ways of making that dependency more robust by moving it in-house or doing a better job of handling unavailable data.

coming up on cohost

  • still working on the upcoming changes from last week: adding content warnings to posts you’re sharing, adding more self-service account management for changing e-mails and managing pages.
  • android users rejoice: jae is making progress on the UI issues with adding tags!
  • adding the ability to silence tags and text strings.

thanks for using cohost :eggbug:

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