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happy normal wednesday from the posting factory!

jae’s back from vacation (although unfortunately still getting their ass kicked by long covid), jess is now fully onboarded and absolutely Killing It, and we’re starting planning for some Big New Features coming up. here’s what we’ve already done:

  • started displaying tags for CW’d and adult content posts before the clickthrough, to give you a better idea of what you’re clicking into.
    • as usual, we’re open to feedback on this, and may make some more changes in the future.
    • your tags on adult content posts will only show for adults; users under 18 still won’t see anything.
  • you can now search for users by display name
  • changed the drafts page to sort reverse chronological (newest to oldest) to match all other views
  • added a maintenance task to fix our post display cache
    • remember the bug where your tags would get dropped from a post? remember how comment counts on shares were being displayed incorrectly? our cache was falling out of alignment with the actual source of truth.
    • this job runs every 4 hours and fixes every post that’s fallen out of sync. if any posts get fixed, we get an email letting us know we introduced a bug recently.
    • for reference: the first run (to clean up the aftermath of those bugs mentioned above) fixed 20,859 posts. this is a lot! the second run fixed 0 (which is good, because it means we've fixed all the bugs... for now.)

  • fixed the silence and block buttons not working when viewing a single post
  • fixed a bug where long post headlines could break rendering
  • fixed a bug where display names might break mid-word on the profile page
  • fixed a bug where errorbug.png would be squished in broken link previews
  • fixed a bug where following a user would return you to their first page of posts, regardless of where you were to begin with
  • fixed a bug where saving your profile would show a “are you sure you want to leave?” dialog
  • added a link to the search page to the dashboard when you’re not following anyone

coming up on cohost

  • stilll fixing the post composer tag UI on Android. jae’s been taking point on this, and they didn’t have access to their Android dev environment while they were out of town.
  • still working on tag silencing and adding content warnings to shares.
  • a whole bunch of little things in preparation for tipping and subscriptions! we’ll have more to share about these as we get closer. there’s a lot of work to do so it might be a little bit until these are fully finished and live, but there’s a lot of features that make the site better for everyone that we’ll be releasing on the way.

that’s all for this week! thanks for using cohost :eggbug: :host-love:

in reply to @staff's post:

Thanks for the great work!

Any plans to look into the notifications page taking 60+ seconds to load and often crashing my browser when it does load?

It's possibly related to my very large CSS crime post but it makes viewing my notifications a real chore

have you already sent us a bug report? if not, e-mail us at [email protected]. we can take a look at that soon to see if there's anything we can do about it -- fair warning though that it might be slow because the browser itself is having a hard time rendering the page, so there may be nothing we can do.