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happy wednesday, coposters! slower week this week; jae keeps being out of office (more on that below), colin has multiple Big Things in flight that are just taking a while, aidan’s fully refactoring our design system to make designing New Features quicker and easier, and jess has been focusing on her own projects instead of billing time to us.

that said, we got a couple big things out this week.

  • you can now pin posts to the top of your profile!
    • no limit to the number of pins you can have! if you want to completely fuck up your profile, that’s your choice.
    • you can pin any post you made with content, whether it’s an original post or a reply to someone else’s. empty shares can’t be pinned.
    • access this from the meatball menu in the top right of a post. if the pin button’s there, you can pin it! if it’s not, you can’t! simple as that.
  • you can now choose to hide shares and/or replies on profiles
    • wanna see Original Content only? now you can!
    • we’ll be expanding this to cover additional post types (media), as well as adding it to the dashboard soon
  • fixed an issue that caused users to be redirected to the welcome page from the dashboard while logged in
    • we’re not 100% sure why this only started manifesting today (none of the involved code has been touched in months) but, regardless, we know it’s fixed for real because it’s a pretty clear cut cause.
    • if you were affected, you should be good now; you may need to log out and back in once.
  • you can change your email address without opening a support ticket!
    • it’s in your settings. check it out!
  • updated various bits of copy on the site to reflect changes to activation.
    • we were still using old language that implied the wait would be longer than a day or so, which was confusing for everyone. that’s fixed now. if you’re already here, you will never notice this change.

next time on

this is basically the same as last week so go look there.

jae’s availability through the month of september is kind of wack (they were out last friday and monday, they’re out this friday for a relative’s memorial, out next monday and tuesday for rosh hashanah) so this might take a bit to get wrapped up but FORTUNATELY after yom kippur they don’t have any more time off planned1 and MAYBE THEN they can actually ship some features. (they’re writing this in the third person, no one’s being mean)

thanks for using cohost :eggbug: and shanah tovah

  1. yes they know sukkos is coming up too but they’ve already taken enough time. sorry hashem

in reply to @staff's post:

just your view. but if you want to hand out a link to just your original work, you can look at your own profile and flip the appropriate switches, then copy the link out of the address bar!

Thank you so much for the new post filtering options on profiles, they're super useful! I'm curious about how the upcoming media filter is going to work, though -- will it only count posts with images attached via the button on the post composer, or will it also count embeds, images attached via html, etc.?

“no limit to the number of pins you can have! if you want to completely fuck up your profile, that’s your choice.”

sincerely bless you for not imposing limits