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hi there! another week, another patch notes. since last wednesday, another 1,000 people have been activated to post, for a total of 2,500, and another 1,100 people have gotten in the queue.

both aidan and jae took a little post-launch vacation time this week so the patch notes are kind of light, but they’re both back in the office now (so to speak). although jae currently has covid (vaxed and boosted, so shouldn’t be too bad) so their proverbial office time is limited for the moment.

bug fixes

  • posts from pages you’ve blocked no longer show up on tag pages.
  • silencing a page now properly silences its reshares as well.
  • fixed an internal issue site-wide with how data is loaded in the background that should reduce the occurrence of issues where the page goes blank while you’re reading it.
  • all-ages posts on your feed which are edited to have the adult content flag set, and posts without content warnings which are edited to add them, will collapse to a clickthrough instead of remaining visible.
  • the length of usernames and page handles are now explicitly limited to 200 characters to prevent verbose handles from breaking pages their posts appeared on; we intentionally didn’t limit their length to begin with, but we didn’t expect that decision to cause problems anywhere except the user’s profile page. thanks to everyone who kept their usernames short before this was enforced, and also thanks to the one user who very much didn’t, but was kind enough to edit down their username when we got in touch with them.

  • added a “log out” button to the error page that can help you get around issues where your session cookie gets so badly hosed that you can’t load the homepage any more.
  • added a notice to drafts that you’re currently reading a draft.
  • added tooltips to a couple of post controls that didn’t have them.
  • added several new help articles to the cohost knowledge base.

coming up on cohost

  • alt text is Functional but needs some serious love to make it shippable. unfortunately, this is a Jae Feature which means it’s a bit delayed while they recover from the novel coronavirus special 2022 edition.
  • colin’s going to get started this week on the “reduce motion” setting so folks with motion sensitivity can use cohost more comfortably.
  • now that aidan is back in the office, she’s working on polishing up the UI on many of the brand new features that have dropped since launch. we’ve received a lot of great feedback on changes to the adult content warning as well as search and drafts, so expect some improvements to those over the coming weeks.
  • cohost Plus! users, get ready for some exciting new treats coming very soon :eggbug:

in reply to @staff's post:

cohost fun fact: it was the front matter and first section of the communist manifesto

we asked them to edit it down to a shorter excerpt of the communist manifesto and they chose the closing words