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thank you for using cohost!

hey folks! since last wednesday, about 750 people have signed up and 1,200 people have gotten activated to post (check out #welcome to cohost to see who’s new!); both the activation and support queues are starting to get shorter, and we thank all of you for your patience as we try to stay on top of everything.

we’ve only deployed one change to the site since the last patch notes:

  • you can no longer view a listing of the /static/ directory on the site, after @theia tipped us off to the fact that we left it enabled by mistake (thanks, @theia!) and discovered a couple secret eggs bug at the same time.

jae’s still out sick with covid (feel better soon, jae!) and colin has spent the entire week working on stuff that hasn’t shipped yet: root-causing the “bee movie bug” — which unfortunately turns out to be a bug in an external library we use — and allowing people to pause animations by default.

aidan has been the main ticket wrangler over the last week, and she’d like to shout out this week’s Most Popular Bugs:

  1. eggbug! :eggbug:
  2. uploading images to draft posts causes indefinite loading
  3. users get logged out too quickly
  4. whatever the heck is going on with tagging on Android

congratulations to all who participated! the competition was fierce.

anyway, hopefully the tempo should pick up some in the next week. we don’t want to jinx it but we expect both alt text and default-paused animations to land, as well as some smaller bug fixes.

thanks for using cohost :eggbug:

in reply to @staff's post:

"uploading images to draft posts causes indefinite loading"

Hey, just in case this is useful, I filed a bug similar to this one awhile back but didn't get the "your bug was received!" confirmation I used to. If it hasn't already been scraped, you might want to see if you can dig out the dupe bug associated with my email because there are some interesting variations on the repro steps that either do or surprisingly don't trigger the bug. GL