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happy wednesday, coposters! we’ve got two new features this week that we’re thrilled to share!

you may have already seen yesterday, but alt text is now live for attachments! read more about it in the announcement post! this also includes a fix for the nagging issue where you couldn’t add new images to drafts that you’d already saved.

we’ve also launched a new cohost Plus! exclusive feature: a custom emoji set designed by @SilverStarsIllustration featuring the secret guy hidden in our logo (aka The Host)! he was so secret we didn’t even notice he was there, and we designed the dang thing! we’re in love with silver’s work on these and we hope y’all like them too! :host-love: we’re planning to commission more artists to work with us on emoji and other features in the future. make sure to subscribe to cohost Plus! so you can use The Host and everything else to come!

also on the cohost Plus! front: we’ve planned the whole time to limit bulk activations based on cohost Plus! subscriptions (we have per-user costs and we don’t want to exceed our means there) but we’ve gotten lucky so far; enough of you subscribed in the first week that we’ve had a huge buffer and have been able to activate an enormous number of new users. the demand for cohost has not slowed down, but we’d like to keep a healthy buffer in order to keep our current activation rate sustainable. if you’ve been on the fence, now’s a great time to subscribe to cohost Plus! so we can keep activating more users and feeding eggbug little bug treats. (plus: you get to use The Host in all your posts!) :host-plead:

those are the only changes this week, but here’s what’s coming up on cohost:

  • colin’s just about done with pausing animated GIFs! just a couple of tests left to write.
  • jae’s got some bug fixes to write around “read more”s, after that who knows
  • do yall want more merch? because aidan can do more merch.

remember to check out #welcome to cohost to find more new folks to follow, and as always, thanks for using cohost! :eggbug:

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