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thank you for using cohost!

it has, somehow, been just about 6 months since we launched in the friends and family beta! :host-joy: that rules!

jae’s mostly back now but somehow managed to get sick again (which they are very mad about) so is back to somewhat limited availability unfortunately.

also, in case you missed it, we were featured in The Verge today! thanks @alexis for reaching out to talk to us, we love that people are still excited about what’s going on here.

here’s what’s new this week:

  • you can now pause gifs in posts!
  • you can also disable animated gifs in avatars and headers!
    • this one’s new as of like five minutes ago!!!
  • fixed a bug where “read more” would be positioned incorrectly for posts with images
  • issued a temporary workaround to the “bee movie bug”
  • fixed an issue where unfollowing someone wouldn’t actually remove stuff they'd already posted from your feed
    • would you guess that this was a loop iteration bug? because it was
  • added a temporary workaround for the ongoing issue where javascript can fail to load
    • we’re still figuring out the exact cause but now, in most cases, we’ll try again instead of just failing immediately
  • made some internal changes to the post creation and update APIs to fix a bug that allowed for Invalid Posts. read more here!

that’s all for this week! no firm plans for what’s coming up next week because we all finished our current work at about the same time and are still figuring that out, but we’re thinking about various things to work on around content filtering and building self-service tools to handle frequent support requests.

thanks for using cohost! :eggbug: :host-love:

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