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Greetings from the posting factory! Unfortunately, jae’s general Fatigue and Brain Fog continues unabated so we remain at a lower capacity than normal. That said, we’re just hit the “on” switch on a feature we’ve been excited about: link previews!

On any post, adding a link on its own line will add a preview! This can be a player for youtube, soundcloud, etc, or just a summary card for other sites! The post preview shows how it’ll look so try it out there!

This only applies to bare URLs! Making a markdown link [like this]( or including the URL in other text won’t embed it! You can also disable embedding by wrapping it in angle brackets like this: <>

If you don’t ever want to see embeds, you can fully disable them in the user settings.

That’s the big one this week, but we’ve got other changes too! And we’ve got some example uses of embeds after the read more!

  • deleted comments are no longer included in the displayed comment count
  • deleted comments that no one has replied to are no longer displayed
    • finally, the “[deleted]” of shame is gone… but only if you’re fast
  • fixed a bug where we were showing the pause button on normal jpegs and such
  • added a horizontal separator before footnote definitions

that’s all for this week! keep reading for some Things We Think Are Cool :host-joy:


this is a video i am personally responsible for having saved from disappearing off the internet. it is one of my favorite videos on the planet and makes me laugh every single time. you are welcome.

test test test delete later


tom scott dropped a great video this week where he learns to take a bump from pro wrestlers. a good introduction to the difficult parts of pro wrestling if you’re curious, and also a lot of fun to watch a man who’s usually quiet and composed taking shots to the junk on accident. (cw: consensual violence; also headphones recommended for lots of loud yelling in pain that my roommates thought was me getting grievously injured)

this is one of the most terrifying tweets I have read this week.


best album of 2020 imo. not interested in discussing this beyond rapturous agreement.

firmly believe “magritte posting” is one of the best tumblr genres still

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