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I originally posted this in /r/minidisc on reddit, but I've been thinking about what to post here and this seemed like a good enough thought.

The old Minidisc.org web site calls the Sony MZ-RH1 "the most perfectly executed minidisc instrument to date" and also (correctly for 2006) notes that it's one of the few machines that can export minidiscs to other media. This became less true over time and with the magic of modern hobbyist developers, the door on the "minidisc ripping" market is busted wide open. This post presents a few alternative options!

This post comes around in part because MZ-RH1s are wildly expensive compared to every other minidisc machine. For no particularly good reason (because they were being made from 2006 to 2011 or 2012) they are the literal most expensive minidisc machine. They are even significantly more expensive, even in not-fully-working condition, than the original minidisc machine. I don't think I remember seeing an MZ-RH1 for under $500, when you can buy an MZ-NE410 for like $50 if you use the offers function on eBay.

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screenshot of ffplay playing a ".aea" ATRAC1 file, ripped from a MiniDisc

seems to only be implemented in WebMiniDisc at this point, so you have to use a Chromium-based browser (boo) but still, wow, that's fantastic

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Thirdly, the MD Exploits now exist and so any portable Sony Type-S NetMD recorder to rip ATRAC directly off the disc. FFMPEG can convert this or VLC can play it.

yoooo, WHAT

I literally have an MZ-N920 and you're telling me I could've been ripping discs with it the whole time???

So, earlier I didn't have access to the USB toslink device I have but if anyone wants one I have a https://hifimediy.com/product/hifime-ut23-usb-to-optical-spdif-converter/ and I just tested it (for the first time since I was using my Mac to do this previously) and in Audacity it records from my MDS-S500 great.

This shows up as a normal USB audio device so it should work fine on basically any computer or other gadget with USB. My iPhone recognized it, and I can record from an MD to GarageBand, audio notes, or voice notes on a chat application.