just a Guy. a weird kind of guy, but just a guy nonetheless

introduction post with more info and also it looks fun and cool !!

commissions are open !!


i'm TRASHGUTS (and i also go by other names, for example BUG or CRICKET or ADAM even) (xe/he) and i'm a 23 year old college dropout working at an art supply store. and by college dropout i mean i went to one semester of community college five years ago so.. does that even really count?

my main hobbies include DRAWING and, lately, WORKING ON MY WEBSITE! my art style is incredibly inconsistent but my favorite subjects are POKEMON! here are some of my pokemon OCs:

that's weevil & his pokemon yoli & rufus! he's also my profile picture ^__^ (incidentally, i'm also participating in artfight this year and weevil is my faaavorite thing to get art of & im guaranteed to revenge it!! i'm trashguts on team bloom!)

myyyy website!

my website is called TRASHGUTS DOT COM for reasons i'm sure you can guess! it's mostly a place for myself to practice and play around with html and css, but it's also an attempt to create a corner of the internet that represents "me" as well as an informal, anti-professional portfolio of sorts.

please check it out, and poke around-- every page is different! my favorites are three good things a day, the project graveyard, my 2022 artfight gallery, and my commission page, though the about page is probably the best place to start lol. you can also follow me on neocities here ^__^

(thanks to my friend medley (@Medley) for the invite & my partner morgie (@melonella) for. giving up the invite to give to me instead <333 follow them as well thank u