V !


balancing pretty with exhausted

big time fan of virtual cooking

software engineer intern (support) @ unity

my pfp used to be an NES emulator, but it isn't anymore, because i'm cute and hot and i will make it everyone's problem.

but! my header totally is still an emulator 😎

i'm ellis, narrative designer + game writer! i graduated in 2021 with a degree in game design & studies, which i'm now using to make cool games about being queer, having friends and feelings, and making choices that may or may not matter.

i'm also a mod for @GalaxyDevZone, a cool space for gender-/sex-marginalised gamedevs (which you should totally join if it sounds interesting to you), and am very vocal about diversity + inclusion in the games industry.

you can find me these places:
Important Business Site
writing + design portfolio

and if you're in the mood for a game, consider playing my interactive fiction set in the chatbox of an mmo in its final minutes: