Livyataan Tiamat


too many (not enough) names

trans robot galaxy angel demon deity computervirus actionfigure cuttlefish foxgirl mimic fairy cat dragon lynx snake worldserpent maybe-slime pterosaur bird spider bee moth mantis dog starship plush swarm megastructure naiad shark quasistar planet dragontaur doll whirligig maybe-aircraft lesbian(s). 20.


by the time you realize what youre in for its too late. there will be more identities added

θΔ, ⏻Δ, 7g, basically im trying to say im robot and dragon otherkin without outright saying it but cohost is nice so


id put UECNS Nemesis DNX-0007 here but Red One isnt perfectly gender and i have a few minor misgivings with the work so


pfp by @cass, banner by @rocky


i bet it wouldnt work but can you imagine using this box as its own posting system until you could post lol OH IMAGINE I JUST PUT ALL MY NAMES HERE LMAO


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They will stand practically forever.

A spindly machine perches on an airless world, antennae pointed towards the boundless sky. Quiescent experiments are clustered together nearby, each with a unique purpose. A flag, bleached white, is held aloft by a wire. Small bags- trash, samples, cannibalized equipment- are arrayed around. One suit is laid down on the regolith, the other is propped up against the lander. Unseeing eyes stare out from the helmet of a long-mummified explorer.