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In light of Dan Olsen's new video about the grift economy of SEO junk audiobooks on Audible I just wanna plug Libro.Fm which is not just a bezos-free alternative to Audible but also profit-shares with your locally owned brick-and-mortar bookstore and is completely free of SEO junk because they only include books that are collected by actual bookstores. They also work with booksellers and librarians to create hand-curated book recommendation lists that are consistently fantastic. Also, in addition to being able to stream from their app, the audiobooks are DRM-free and you can just download the pure audio files in a .zip

I love it's so good. Every book I've gotten from there has been incredibly high quality.

i made it a good 20-something years without thinking about this film at all, but earlier today that streak was broken when something randomly reminded me of its existence.

given average US life expectancy trends it's unclear whether i'll be able to top that as a personal best. but also the fact that i noticed i hadn't thought about it, and am now writing this post, means it'll be harder to fully forget about in the future. so that figure is probably gonna end up being my lifetime personal best.

good luck to all other players out there! and uh, sorry for writing this post and fucking up whatever streak you had going.