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(cw for use of the r-slur as a descriptor of a general aesthetic by the people the article is about)

tl;dr: it's half digital real estate speculation and half IRC, all built on a terrible "decentralized" "operating system" written in a pair of nearly incomprehensible custom programming languages by literally the exact guy who invented neoreaction, and embraced by twitter's edgelord "post-left" scene and a bunch of former radicals who got rich and decided that it was time to get theirs (but purely ironically, obviously)

if you see anyone with a 6+6-letter handle starting with a tilde anywhere ("~szybie-grumbo"), that means they're on urbit

in reply to @vogon's post:

i mean, technically it was an interesting project (like with, lets call them timewarped links), but the mindset... like, when you set up your "ship" in urbit, you tell it what political orientation you have, so the system will sort you accordingly or some shit...

only just now reading that article.. holy shit on a stick