just setting up my twttr

one-third of @staff, electronics hobbyist

@zip's bf
no supervisor but ludd means the threads any good

I don't know what I'm going to post here yet so follow to find out together!

I draw, mostly life drawing; I make nonsense in JavaScript; once I hacked my Roomba so I could drive it around and shoot at paper Doom monsters; I helped design and build a computer from 10,000 dominoes; I've re-enacted a toothpaste commercial at the Edinburgh Fringe; if you click "random worm name" often enough in Worms 3D you get my name; and I created Cell Tower — a Wordle-inspired daily word game.

So yeah, this page could be anything tbh

been playing a lot of this and the more of it I play the more I like it, can't recommend it enough if you like word games