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What is it?

It's like a life simulation game mixed with a narrative heavy RPG. Kind of like Disco Elysium. No combat, just dialogue choices and different environmental interactions.

Each day you roll a number of dice when you wake up. You choose which dice rolls go to which actions you take that day. You have to balance condition, energy, money, and a few other resources as you do tasks.

You are an android emulating the consciousness of a real-life human. You live on a space station and deal with life under extreme interplanetary space capitalism.

What I liked

  • World is believable and engrossing
  • The character art is really nice
  • Music sets the tone really well
  • Lots of freedom with how to approach things
  • Cycle-based (one "day") time system lets stories take time to unfold naturally
  • Failure is handled well and is very interesting (reminds me of Dungeon World)

What I didn't like

  • Awkward controls (obviously designed for mouse input)
  • Sluggish framerate

More thoughts

I could not stop playing this game. It's relatively short, like 10 hours if you're a completionist. It was really engaging to me, and I liked every ending I was able to get. I stayed up late last night and cried a bit during the endings. Definitely the hit narrative RPG game of the year for me.

It's also on Game Pass, so check it out there if you can. It's on most platforms, so give it a shot!