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building chill software for my friends, playing ttrpgs, making procedural vector art, learning piano, writing unhinged Utena fanfics, and just vibing

In light of Dan Olsen's new video about the grift economy of SEO junk audiobooks on Audible I just wanna plug Libro.Fm which is not just a bezos-free alternative to Audible but also profit-shares with your locally owned brick-and-mortar bookstore and is completely free of SEO junk because they only include books that are collected by actual bookstores. They also work with booksellers and librarians to create hand-curated book recommendation lists that are consistently fantastic. Also, in addition to being able to stream from their app, the audiobooks are DRM-free and you can just download the pure audio files in a .zip

I love libro.fm it's so good. Every book I've gotten from there has been incredibly high quality.

it is 2 million. 2 million ants for each of us

the real question is what are you gonna do with your ants

gonna institute Ant Day, which is Tuesdays, which is when all my ants can come hang out in my apartment & carry away all the crumbs & dirt they find on the floor. also I will leave a donut on the floor

there is one of us for each 2 million ants. i don't know what the 2 million ants will do with me, but it'll probably be better than whatever i had planned. maybe they'll have me go buy them a whole box of donuts, and i can get one for myself too while i'm there