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Any number of players begin an 80 Days run with the same seed. Any time the day ticks over in-game, they save and quit and come back tomorrow. Whoever makes it back to London first wins.

This was originally a joke but... what if we did it? Who would join in?

I will emphasize that you absolutely don't need to have any prior 80 Days experience. It's by no means an intrinsically difficult game, and the competition will be casual and low-stakes anyway. If you've never played before, this could be a great way to experience your first voyage!

I did spend a chunk of the last few days setting up an interactive model of the 80 Days map so you can track where everyone is during the race.

Fun fact I only noticed when setting this up: the in-game locations of Lima and Machu Picchu are actually substantially further south/north, respectively, in the game than they are in real life.

This is beginning tomorrow, but there's still time to sign up if you want to get in on the fun! Since so many people have joined, I've added a couple of runner-up prizes as well.